July means recording. OooOOOOooo.

Happy Day Before Independence Day, and Happy Day After Scooter Libby's Pardoning Day. USA! USA! USA!


Anyway. Thanks to everyone who came out on our recent road trips and hung out with us. As usual, you can read all about our exploits right here, although our journal hasn't yet been updated with our last three shows, but that'll change soon. Additionally, we're planning to finally get our mythology section brought up-to-date, and we'll be attempting to coincide that with our new website layout. We'll see how that goes.
In the meantime, no shows until August. July will be spent polishing the songs for our next full-length, which we are finally recording starting July 16th with our man John Congleton, the mastermind behind one of our favorite bands, The Paper Chase. We'll let you know how that goes, but suffice to say for now that we are incredibly excited.

Talk to you soon,