The Latest on Nada Surf!

Let's not bury the lead: You can now stream ALL of the new Nada Surf +3 EP on our Bandcamp site. Listen to the entire record that is FINALLY coming out in physical form in January 2012, kicking off Latest Flame Records' 10th anniversary.

Previously on IfIHadAHiFi.net, we explained the reason for the delay: a sample owned by WWE that we brainfarted on in the song "Somebody Take the Damn Money," the tale of Handsome Harley Race's callous $25K bounty on the head of the dirtiest player in the game, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Listen to the stream and you'll discover how we rectified the situation--we re-recorded the sample with some first-rate voice talent: Cleveland indie wrestler "M-Dogg" Matt Cross! Wrestling fans are very familiar with Matt, as he's a world traveler who's competed in Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wresting NOAH in Japan, and promotions in Ireland, Germany, and Italy. We met Matt through our friends Jay and Andy of Mondo Lucha!, the lucha libre-based burlesque variety show here in Milwaukee. Matt hopped into the HiFi van and grunted through Harley's Classic lines while Jay from Mondo Lucha! paced outside holding a pair of wrestling masks for his kids, wondering how it looked for a dude holding masks to pace back and forth in front of a blue van that grunting was coming out of.

Speaking of Bandcamp, the awesome developers there just released a Facebook app that enables us to place our entire Bandcamp functionality onto our Facebook page! Now you can stream all our releases, buy our records (including Nada Surf +3 in January), and help Russ Feingold right from our Facebook page. Frickin' cool.

So! What next for us? After a stretch of shows in October, we're now going into hibernation for the rest of 2011 in order to finish up songs for Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won. That's right--in February we'll be at Turner Hall debuting some BRAND NEW SONGS about the Higgs Boson, Particle Physics, and SCIENCE! And you thought we were nerdy before...