BREAKING: "Sexy Results" to receive new physical format release

Folks, it's a whole new game of tiddlywinks out there. Kids who were born in the early 90s and thus have no memory of a world before the internet are consuming music now, and if they're all like this Emily goofball over at All Songs Considered, none of them place any value whatsoever on recorded music. Like, none. (They may or may not place value on raw yet sentimental vocals or nostalgic songs about hometowns, best friends, ex-girlfriends etc., but that's neither here nor there.) Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, you've got Old Rocker Dudes railing against the new paradigm like it's a murder of windmills (DISCLAIMER: i'm not sure that's the collective noun for windmills). "Your refusal to pay for music killed my friends," and so forth, all the way to sort of sticking up for the way major labels used to do business. What the what?

With all this yelling and gnashing of teeth about, it's clear that some thinking outside the box is A Thing That Should Happen now. With that in mind, let's go back to Emily's blog post:
As monumental a role as musicians and albums have played in my life, I've never invested money in them aside from concert tickets and T-shirts.
Hmmm...t-shirts, you say...??

ITEM! IFIHADAHIFI TO RELEASE Songs From Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won IN DARING NEW T-SHIRT FORMAT

That's right, fools -- these dapper new "Captain Kitty" tees will cost $12 and include a download code that will permit the fashionable music aficionado to add our latest sonic misstep, Songs From Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won, to their iTunes or equivalent digital music exhibition system via our Bandcamp site. We're not entirely sure about this, but this may make IfIHadAHiFi the first Milwaukee band to ever release a record on cloth, although it obviously isn't the first ever Milwaukee band-related release onto a t-shirt (amirite Gordon Gano?). 

Sexy Results Captain Kitty t-shirts will be available for purchase at the 2012 PRFBBQ in Chicago on June 30 and July 1. And yes, many of them will be pink. We're certain that with this torso-hugging apparel on your back, you'll be guaranteed some truly sexy oh god i'm sorry i almost actually made that joke.

If you're wondering why the blue hell a t-shirt featuring a Sexy Results download features artwork from Nada Surf +3, you just shhh your pretty little head. Ain't none a' yo' concern. (Hint: IT'S A GODDAMN KITTY.)


You should be downloading all of our awesome crap.

You're aware that we released two EPs already in 2012, right? No? What, haven't you been paying attention? It's ok, i get it; we're an old band, and no one cares about old bands that never got famous or whatever, so y'all are busy grooving to Washed Out or what the fuck ever. Well, turn that Top Gun soundtrack d-side nonsense off and throw your mp3 player out the window (or, just take the Washed Out mp3s off it if you're feeling practical instead of dramatic), because you should be paying attention to:

Songs From Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won

Six songs about particle physics, recorded for a killer night of science and art at Turner Hall in February, now available as a $5 download from our Bandcamp page:

Meanwhile, DUH, Latest Flame Records continues to pimp our most recent physical release, the Nada Surf +3 EP:

It's the EP that got us mentioned in an NPR interview with the band, Nada Surf, and that was snuck into the Barsuk Records warehouse to get this choice photo taken:

Sure, it's not headlining Coachella, but we take our victories where we can.

Also, we're gonna be playing some shows in March and April. March 30 at Quarters Rock 'N' Roll Palace with the mighty POLICE TEETH, STRANGE MATTER, and LIKE LIKE THE THE THE DEATH. And then Friday April 13th at the Riverwest Public House with NERVOUS CURTAINS, CATACOMBZ and HEAVY HAND.

These shows will hit you like a Mike Awesome chair shot to Masato Tanaka's god damn head.


Ohmigod, all this new music!

ITEM! The Nada Surf +3 EP is now available, and has been for a couple weeks! You can order a physical copy on vinyl or CD by visiting the label that pays us, Latest Flame Records. Or, if you believe physical media is dead, dead, dead, and only want to download the mp3s, you can do that by visiting our Bandcamp page and giving us $5. Fun fact about the download (which is also available for free when you buy the vinyl): there are secret bonus songs in the download NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE. So suck on that, nutley.

People really like Nada Surf +3, by the way. AV Club Milwaukee:

If anything, frantic tracks like “Minotaur Documentation” and epic centerpiece “All Hail Magnets” push farther into cacophony than anything the band has previously recorded, and the blistering, trebly production perfectly captures the energy of a HiFi live show... in terms of visceral impact, this is the band’s most powerful work yet. Whatever this record lacks in cohesiveness, it makes up for with ingenious songs.

Pocket Jury:

It might be a credit to the Hi-Fi and a warning to any prospective listeners that a couple of times over the week I was forced to remove the headphones from my ears because it felt like my brain was being microwaved. The sound of the record is so trebly that it occasionally resembles some kind of aural collage of white noise, which remarkably only endears me to what amounts to some of the band’s most immediately memorable songs. In fact, the best moments are when the quartet more or less abandon their slender regard for the listener’s ears and add more and more layers of heavily processed insanity, burying their surprisingly potent vocal melodies in a wash of Day-Glo green distortion.

Playground Misnomer:

Yes, the songs go essentially at one collective speed and volume: Rip your head off. But it’s called noise rock for cripe’s sake – you’re not signing up for ballads. They’re making seriously fun music that says something important disguised as something harmless and full of taglines...If you’re looking for something you can have on in the background while you read or try to sleep, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for an album where hard work and a love for the music the band makes comes through, Nada Surf EP +3 is a good place to start.

(By the way, PM posted an interview they did with us back in October...check it out:)


Forget how the word 'punk' is mostly used these days. You'll find no buzzy yet warm guitar melodies here, nor any raw yet sentimental vocals or nostalgic songs about hometowns, best friends, ex-girlfriends etc. What you'll get is a truck load of noisy feedback, distortion and discord, crashing drums and tuneless yelling, delivered with no hint of relent or compromise whatsoever.

Order it, crank it, love it.

Meanwhile, gear up for Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won at Turner Hall on Saturday, February 18! Join us, Lunaversol9, Buffalo, Lisa Gatewood, Picobots, and many many more as we attempt to use art, multimedia, and music to solve the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything by discovering the elusive Higgs Boson with our art. And watch our Bandcamp on that same day to download the following companion EP:

More shows coming after that, including shows with our labelmates Police Teeth and Nervous Curtains in March and April! Holy frijoles!