Download "Imperial Walker" and donate $1 to Russ Feingold's Progressives United!

So, the members of IfIHadAHiFi have been obsessed with following the current drama in Madison, as our beloved Wisconsin's governor has declared war on working class Americans and has attempted to strip public unions of essentially all their power. We have tons of friends and family that work in the public sector, and frankly, knowing what this bill could do to them and their livelihood makes us seethingly angry.

So we're doing something about it.

We spent this weekend recording a new song--a protest song titled "Imperial Walker." It's for sale now as a download on our Bandcamp site with a suggested minimum price of $1. Each dollar we receive from this track will be donated to Progressives United, the new Political Action Committee founded by former US Senator (and the closest thing I personally have ever had to a political hero) Russ Feingold.

Here's the text I posted on the Bandcamp page:

IfIHadAHiFi couldn't be prouder of our Wisconsin roots and our state's progressive heritage. The current assault on working Wisconsinites on the part of our current governor is an affront on that heritage, and an all-out class war on our beloved state's working class. The least we could do was show our support in the tried and true tradition of the old-fashioned working-class protest song.

100% of the proceeds from this download will go to Russ Feingold's new Progressives United PAC. Progressives United was formed to take on the ever-growing influence of corporate America in our political process, as further empowered by the Supreme Court's erroneous "Citizens United" decision. Nowhere in the country right now is that influence felt more dramatically than in Wisconsin, where the Koch Brothers currently work in tandem with Governor Scott Walker to bust public sector unions. Visit www.progressivesunited.org to learn more about Mr. Feingold's latest venture.

We couldn't have made this project happen without three fantastic people: Shane Hochstetler, who generously donated the use of Howl Street Recordings for no cost; and Nick Ehlert and Dan Siercks who donated their weekends, also at no cost, to engineer and assist, respectively. Amazing people in this town.

Spread this around on your Facesbooks and your Twitterses, won't you? Let's bum the governor out and make Russ some scratch and help him fight people like the Koch Brothers and other corporate interests sticking their noses into our political process.



It won't be long now

Listening to the masters of the Nada Surf EP and the "Arson, You Let me Down" 7-inch and they sound noisy and immense. Oh, man, am i psyched for people to hear these. Soon!


HiFi at Mad Planet Sat. February 19th!!

New show! IfIHadAHiFi is playing Mad Planet the Saturday after next with the excellent Milwaukee band, CASTLE THUNDER.


533 East Center Street, Milwaukee

8 PM


Yes, we still update this thing

So, since, as the good Rev. explained yesterday, we finally got with the times and hopped onto Bandcamp and DELETED OUR MYSPACE (god, that felt good), a site overhaul was in order. And with that i suppose should come an update to let ya know what we've been up to.

Ya see how that banner up top says "New EP and seven inch coming Spring 2011?" Totally true, yo. The long-awaited (by us) Nada Surf EP is about to be mastered by our old mate Justin Perkins, along with four other songs that will constitute the "Arson, You Let me Down" seven inch, backed with "Somebody Take the Damn Money" and "Permanent Sleperhold." The fourth song will be a bonus download that you get ONLY by buying the damn record, which we plan to press as soon as we get those tracks back. As for Nada Surf (hi Google!), Latest Flame Records is targeting that for a May or June release. Knock on wood.

In other news, we just partnered with Yale's other band, Death Dream, and bought a new van that we'll be using to wander the Midwest and hopefully the East Coast this Spring and Summer. Keep your eyes peeled.

Aaaaaand did i just say that Yale has a new band? Well, not "new," really, since they've been together for about a year now, but yeah, dude's been killing it in Death Dream when he's not making noise with us. You owe it to yourself to check 'em out; fans of us and similarly noisy, dark post-punk will love 'em. He's not the only one playing double-duty either; MrAlarm and i have joined Madison band Zebras as noisemaker and drummer, respectively, and Rev.Ever has been scoring films with his experimental noise combo The Fucking Teeth. He's even got a new band emerging from an undisclosed location in Milwaukee any time now! So...yeah. We keep busy.

That's all i got. Buy our shit.