New video! "Black Holes Resonate (in B-Flat), Baby"

Check it out, y'alls--video number SIX from our album Fame By Proxy (which you can still purchase from the fine folks at Latest Flame Records, by the by)!

Soak it in:

"Black Holes Resonate (in B-Flat), Baby"
Guest Starring:
Titania Lyn as the Hot Alien in Distress
Jack Packard as the Fearsome Space Squid
Liz Koetting as the dead girlfriend
Director: Jack Packard
Head Puppeteer: Lisa Packard
Dead Rocketeer: "Hey" Jay Bauman

Meanwhile, work continues on the Nada Surf EP. We've been tracking off and on for a while now at the Church of Murray with one Thom Geibel, but it's been on a "whenever we have time to do it around day jobs and regular band practice" schedule, which means it's been going slower than it should. Once we get past out 10th Anniversary show in April, we'll settle down and get to work again. We really want this sucker out by Fall at least.

Speaking of which: 10th Anniversary! It looms! It's happening at the Cactus Club here in Milwaukee on Friday, April 9, and also features our pals Bear Claw, Waxeater, and White Problems! We will be debuting 6 entirely new, previously never-played songs, many which will be on the Nada Surf EP!

I'm just gonna say that one more time: Nada Surf EP. By IfIHadAHiFi. How's it hangin', Google?