Tour update AND Mount Vicious is coming!


We've just about got this shit put to bed. Here's where West Coast Tour business stands right now:

8.21.09 Madison, WI: Willy St. Pub (The Wisco) CONFIRMED
8.22.09 Minneapolis, MN: Sauce CONFIRMED
8.23.09 TBD Bismarck or Minot, ND--Please help!
8.24.09 DRIVE DAY
8.25.09 Missoula, MT: The Badlander CONFIRMED
8.26.09 Bellingham, WA: The Old Foundry CONFIRMED
8.27.09 Seattle, WA: The Funhouse CONFIRMED
8.28.09 Portland, OR: The Know CONFIRMED
8.29.09 San Francisco, CA: Hemlock Tavern CONFIRMED
8.30.09 San Francisco, CA: Second SF show TBD
9.01.09 TBD Denver, CO
9.02.09 Wichita, KS: Kirby’s Beer Store CONFIRMED
9.03.09 Warrensburg, MO: Bottomfeeder Bay CONFIRMED
9.04.09 TBD St. Louis, MO
9.05.09 Des Moines, IA: The Haunted Basement CONFIRMED

The four shows in bold are still being worked, but all of them are being worked by peeps we love, so we're pretty sure these will fall into place shortly.

In the meantime, getcher asses out to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Dubuque this weekend! We're doing four nights with our good pals in Mount Vicious, who are going to peel the skin off your face and fuck the mouth hole. Dates below:

7.23.09 Chicago, IL: Quenchers w/Mount Vicious and Builder/Destroyer
7.24.09 Milwaukee, WI: Cactus Club w/Mount Vicious, Year of the Scavenger, and elusive Parallelograms
7.25.09 Madison, WI: The Frequency w/Mount Vicious, United Sons of Toil and Zebras
7.26.09 Dubuque, IA: The Busted Lift w/Mount Vicious

Here's a taste of the Mount Vicious goodness: a video of them performing "Steroid Unicorn" at Gilman in SF:

You want this.