VIDEO: IfIHadAHiFi's Friday Night Performance at Union Rock Yards

Thanks to our pals at Union Rock Yards in Chicago for posting these stellar clips of us rocking "Paradise by the Paulding Light" and Mission of Burma's "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" from last Friday's show!



Note in the last video the lack of pants on Dr.Awk and Mr.Alarm. Sexxxay!


Shit we been doin', and other crap that's notable

Hey y'all,

So recently it came to our attention that our reflector email address, hifi@ifihadahifi.net, wasn't working. We figured out finally that when we switched our hosting from the old No Karma server to our new one, we forgot to re-set the reflector. Whoops! Anyway, it's fixed now. Once again, you can rach all four band members by dropping a line to hifi@ifihadahifi.net.

So, other stuff's afoot. We're finally getting close to having a crop of new songs together that we're going to try to record this summer for a quickie EP on Latest Flame. We figured that since Dan at LFR posted on his site that we were going to produce an EP this summer that hey, maybe we should take that as a deadline and get cracking! So that's the plan. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, look for new recordings later this year in the form of a new HiFi EP. We'll see.

Many Milwaukee shows and a few Madison and Chicago ones through March, April, and May...keep checking as we're gonna try to throw some Minneapolis and other Midwestern locales in there this summer. And of course, we have to figure out when we're gonna tour the West Coast, but that's still on deck.

In the meantime, sheesh, aren't these last few Battlestar Galactica episodes mind-blowing?