08.25.07 Racine: It's 1982 All Over Again

This was actually written by Yale, but i'm not sure if he can post here yet or not (and if he can, he probably doesn't know he can).

I am totally going to do one of these...

So things start out bad... the Dr. informs me that the back hatch to the van is not working, since the side door dosent open either this is really not good news, we somehow figure out how to load everything but the bass cab, through the driver side door, over the middle seat and into the back, as if normal loading isn't sucky enough we have to do "extreme" loading...

We pull up to the venue (an old market of some sort) and unload basically having to do everything above only in reverse. E=MC Hammer play a great set, I normally hate slap Bass but they make it work...we sit through a bunch of "hardcore" bands and then leave to get some subway, it should be noted that I do not understand playing hardcore in 2007 anymore than I understand playing in a cover band.

Conversation at Subway...Larger black female sitting at anougher table to me "are you a basketball team?"

Me "YES"

We got back to the venue in time for Cougar Den, who were great and reminded me of the late 90s Ohio scene (Armstrong secret 9, Hairrot the Spy) I really liked them...a bunch more bands played, and then we were up...The set started slow, I broke a string during the 1st song, and DR. really messed up Premeditated, after the set I learned he sprained his ankle very badly during this song.

By mid set we had the crowd in the palm of our hand... people were dancing and rocking out...after us Get Rad played... I do not get, GET RAD (see statement about playing hardcore in this day and age) people were doing spin kicks and picking up change, I find this funny to no end, but am scared to laugh as anyone of these hardcore kids could kick my butt...


I will now go listen to our track X-13D which will be on the WMSE Cook book comp. we recorded it this weekend and it features a really messed up drum machine/synth played by the Wizard...


A Very Economical Recap of Our Last Five Shows.

Hey! Remember when i used to keep these show recaps updated on a regular basis? Me too.

June 9: MKE, Cactus Club. white, wrench, conservatory. CD release show w/Viva La Foxx and the Kents. Insane turnout, which confused me greatly. Possibly one of the best sets we've ever played. Top 5 for sure. Viva were amazing and Amy had some amazing camel toe happening (which she acknowledged on stage because she doesn't give a fuck). wwc were fucking solid as hell and had many guest stars. Afterparty was silliness. Giggled watching people hit on Amy with Reuben around. Reuben: "meh, whatever. I remember one time when we started dating and i was playing a show and some dude was hitting on her in the audience. I was getting pretty pissed and then i saw her deck the guy across the face. That's when i realized i have nothing to worry about, so now i just roll my eyes." Or something like that. This was over two months ago.

June 15: Manitowoc, WI. The Batcave. Us, wwc, The Kents, and Surf Ninjas. Oh, Manty. Good times. Everyone played well, we blew away Manty kids, someone got sweet photos of us, Norah and her boy were there, then wwc and we got a pair of cheap motel rooms in Two Rivers and drank with The Kents and their pals. Much love, Manty, as usual.

June 16: Steel Bridge Song Fest, Sturgeon Bay, WI. The Wizard covered the important shit in this Superstarcastic.com post. Jane Weidlin was outside in the beer garden when we played, so she didn't see us, but she owns a copy of Hot Nuggets! now, so, yeah.

August 7: The Vault, MKE, w/wwc and Terrior Bute. We apparently play all our shows with wwc now. Packed basement of 20-some people, free show, hot and muggy as hell, i gave myself a bangover the next day from all the thrashing i did behind the kit. Apparently some of the kids there had never seen us before, which is why we need to play these shows as much as possible.

August 8: Madison, The Annex, w/The Arkhoffs, Johnny Nobody, and The Dollyrots. 7 people paid, but they were cool people, so it was a fun show. Kyle from the Arkhoffs broke his snares, so he asked to borrow my snare drum and promptly broke the bottom head. How'dya even do that? Took the bottom head off his snare; problem fixed. Played well. Ate Taco Johns. Darwin Sampson = total dude.

COMING UP: Replitour! Cinci, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee! August 31 thru Sept. 3! Go to our website's tour dates page or to our MySpace for details! Holy cow!