Download our 2001 disc "Ones and Zeroes" for free! With bonus tracks! Wtf!

Hey y'all! In case you didn't notice it on this big ol' splash page, we've decided to give everyone out there in internet land a 9th-anniversary-of-our-first-practice present (not really, but we don't have anything super-huge coming up right now, so we figured now's as good a time as any). You can now download our 2001 debut full-length CD, Ones and Zeroes, for free by clicking on this link here. You'll get the following badass tracks:

1. The All Tied Up
2. (This is) The New Science
3. The Secret to the Shimmy
4. Loop 27
5. AV Club Dance Party
6. One Happy Pussycat
7. Tunguska-Electro
8. Outdoor Shitkicker '69
9. Edison No Side
10. The Sound of No America
11. She's My Machine

...as well as the following super-special bonus trackage!

12. Murder is for Me (from the Make Way for No Karma compilation)
13. HM (an old The Pop Machine song covered by us for the CDRGMBK compilation)
14. Sign o' the Times (a Prince cover we recorded for the Auscultation comp; features Noise Lesion's only appearance on lead vocals!)
15. Murder is for Me (Dub mix)

Hit that sendspace link and grab that shit!

So, what else is new? We're playing shows here and there--look for a trip to Chicago and Bloomington, IN in early February--and working on figuring out when we're gonna head out West. In the meantime, we're also writing a bunch of new songs (by my last count we're working on 8 in various stages of completion, including "X-13D," which we've been playing out since September). We for some reason have it in our heads that we're gonna get these done and recorded by this summer in an effort to put them on vinyl along with the eventual vinyl release of Fame By Proxy, but our past track record suggests that these songs will be done sometime in 2011, so wish us luck. In the meantime, if you haven't grabbed a copy of FBP yet, what are you waiting for? It's fricking awesome! Head over to the Latest Flame site and order your ass one! Or grab it on iTunes!

By the way, howzabout these last episodes of Battlestar Galactica, eh? Damn!