IfIHadAHiFi on Fan-Belt

Check out our new video for "Defenestrate Me" and an interview with Dr.Awkward at Fan-Belt!

In other HiFi news... We're playing the Mondo Lucha after party at the Monkey Bar in Milwaukee on Saturday! Hope you're ready for ONE HOUR (or so) of HiFi punishment! That's 2X the HiFi. Plus there's live band karaoke! Even an opportunity to have US as your live karaoke backing band!! Get excited!


The Amazing Jack Packard!

Our good friend Jack Packard of Almost Twins and King's Horses just laid down a spectacular trilogy of IfIHadAHiFi video goodness this evening. Behold! The new video from our latest album, Fame By Proxy:

"DEFENESTRATE ME" Directed by Jack Packard.

Bonus! 2 songs from our performance last Saturday night at Club Garibaldi:

"Paradise by the Paulding Light":

And from our forthcoming EP- "X-13D":

Jack Packard is a force of nature. Fear him.


Pardon Our Dust!

HiFi central is being re-mixxed. Getting our paper straight. ..::Rev.Ever