Stuff! New Stuff! New Year's Update!

Hey y'all. Happy New Year, etc.

Y'know that record we recorded with Shane Olivo from The New Loud at his studio, Bobby Peru's? Well, John Congleton's just about done mixing it, and it's sounding like the best thing we've ever done, easy. The drums are huge, the bass punches you in the gut, and the guitars scrape all over your face. Best money we ever spent. We spent some time in the last week talking to Dan from Latest Flame Records about release schedules, and when the damn thing gets mastered in early February, we'll probably have a more solidified idea about whether we're gonna make that late May release date we were talking about.

Meanwhile, we've been writing new songs and shooting videos for some songs off the new record. Yep, videos! Our pal Jack from Two Room Honeymoon, who is also one half of the dudes responsible for those ridiculous "high five" videos over on Funny or Die, has shot a clip for our song "99 Probalos," and will be shooting another one for "Science Depends on Us" later this month. Because we're vain and want to see our ugly faces in stupid music videos. And, we suppose it'd make a good promotional tool for the record, y'know? Something like that.

Got a show in Manitowoc coming up in February, and one in Milwaukee in March. We really should schedule more of those.

Go Pack,