FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: IfIHadAHiFi to Return favor, Name EP After Nada Surf

For Immediate Release
Jan. 12, 2010

Milwaukee Noise-Rock Band Returns Favor, Names New EP After Nada Surf

MILWAUKEE, WI – Wisconsin noise-rock ensemble IfIHadAHiFi, flattered by the recent decision by New York alternative band Nada Surf to reference them in the name of their upcoming covers album If I Had A Hi-Fi, have announced that they are working on an upcoming EP of new original material that they will title Nada Surf in return, continuing a proud tradition of mutual collaboration started by groups like U2, Negativland, REM and Green.

“When we found out that Nada Surf were naming their new record after us, we were really flattered and honored,” says HiFi drummer DrAwkward. “We honestly didn’t realize they were such big fans.”

“We were disappointed when they declined to name their 2003 release, Let Go, after us,” added bassist MrAlarm. “A friend had forwarded us an email from their mailing list that explained that they had decided against it because there was ‘a band from the Midwest who had the same idea for their name.’ Apparently over the years they became big fans of ours and decided to do it anyway. And hey, good for them! If there’s an established brand that screams ‘unit movers,’ it’s IfIHadAHiFi.”

In return, IfIHadAHiFi have announced that their new EP, which the band began tracking in December with local musician/engineer Thom Geibel (White Wrench Conservatory, Quinn Scharber and the…), will be titled Nada Surf. “I mean, it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for the free exposure,” says guitarist Yale Delay. “The music scene’s all about community, you know? If Nada Surf is willing to plug us to their fans, the least we can do is let our fans know that there’s this great band out there called Nada Surf that they should check out.”

However, while the Nada Surf album seems to be built conceptually around the Milwaukee noise-rock group, keyboardist/guitarist/bassist Rev. Ever explains that the favor can’t be returned to quite that extent. “Judging from their tracklist, it looks like a smorgasbord of our influences. I mean, Kate Bush? The Moody Blues? Hell, Depeche Mode are the reason I picked up a guitar. Which I know is weird, since they’re mostly a keyboard band, but whatever. Unfortunately, it’s too late for us to change our tracklist, so none of our songs have anything to do with Nada Surf at all. Sorry guys!”

IfIHadAHiFi are shooting for a summer/fall 2010 release for the Nada Surf EP, to be released on vinyl and flash drive formats on Latest Flame Records, the home of their 2008 release Fame By Proxy (still lots of copies left! For the love of God, please buy one. Our label dude’s been questioning his judgment).


Self-described “bitter, pissy assholes who play loud, unlistenable cacophony with a dance beat,” IfIHadAHiFi formed in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley in 2000, relocating to Milwaukee in 2002 in order to “make it in the big city.” In a review for their 2001 release Ones and Zeroes, Pitchfork stated “they could stand to be an important band. Or at least a lot of fun.” (The author of the review has not been spotted on the website since.) One of Alternative Press’ “100 bands you need to hear in 2005,” The HiFi have shared the stage with such notables as Melt-Banana, Rocket From the Tombs, NoMeansNo, Poster Children, and most recently opened the Milwaukee show on the Jesus Lizard’s 2009 reunion tour. Women want to know them, and men want to know their secrets.