Nada Surf EP official release delayed. Well, crap.

While on tour out East, we got an unfortunate email from Dan at our lovely label Latest Flame. The short version: we screwed up and the album release is unfortunately being delayed while we fix our SNAFU.

The long version:

Our song "Somebody Take the Damn Money," the ballad of Harley Race and his early-80s wrestling promo placing a $25,000 bounty on Ric Flair, included samples we had snagged from the original audio of the promo. Because we are morons, it completely escaped us that the audio may be under copyright to a certain wrestling company that, in 2001, bought all of the National Wrestling Alliance's video library. Yep, the sample is under the copyright protection of the WWE. Whoops. Boy, are our faces red.

So, while Dan leaves multiple voice mails for the licensing person at WWE, we are moving ahead with a backup plan to change the song so that it passes copyright muster. We're hatching some fun plans right now that we'll divulge once we've confirmed that they can come to fruition, but the huge drag is that this means that the song has to be remixed and remastered, and the lacquer re-cut before the vinyl can get pressed. A costly error on our part, to be sure, and it looks like it means the official release date will be pushed to sometime in January of 2012 (almost two years after Nada Surf's If I Had A Hi-Fi was released, which means that we suck at capitalizing on cheap promo). So, we're sorry, and we hope you bear with us while we try to figure out when we'll get the record out and in your grubby little hands. Nada Surf +3 is, if we do say so ourselves, and pretty baller record, and we hope you'll eventually agree it was worth the wait.

In the meantime, anyone know how to get WWE to respond to a voice mail?


Upcoming Business

Gang, we're home and we have some regional shows lined up through the end of October, at which time we're going to take a quick break to hammer out some new songs that we need for an upcoming project in February. In the meantime, catch us LIVE at the following shows:

Sept. 17: Racine, WI @ Mosquito Inn w/Stock Options and Fresh Bison
Sept. 23: Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/Haymarket Riot and Like Like The The The Death
Sept. 24: Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club w/Haymarket Riot and LLTTTD
Oct. 1: Chicago, IL, the PRFBBQ Auktoberfyst @ Klas Restaurant w/Sinking Suns, Begin By Gathering Supplies, Cougars, Call Me Lightning, and so much more!
Oct. 15: Dubuque, IA at TBD w/TBD (this should be hammered out soon, but rest assured, it's happening!)
Oct. 21: Madison, WI @ The Sett, UW-Madison w/Northless
Oct. 22: Hanging out in Madison to see Obits but not play with Obits, which is ok because holy shit goddamn fucking OBITS