To everyone who came to Saturday's Archers of Loaf show at the Bottom Lounge early enough to see us (which, amazingly, was most of the audience), THANK YOU.

To our friends who represented in the audience and heckled us to make us feel at home, THANK YOU.

To the Bottom Lounge, for treating us like rock stars and being a top-notch venue with amazing sound, THANK YOU.

To the Archers of Loaf, for being one of the greatest bands ever, for being four of the nicest, most humble, down-to-earth-dudes we've ever had the pleasure of joking around backstage with...THANK YOU.

For those unaware, i've started a personal blog called Martian Dance Invasion! where i talk more in-depth about our experience opening for Archers of Loaf. It's REALLY frakking long, but if you have a half hour, go nuts, as you can read it here.


(P.S. Thanks for the photo, K!)