You should be downloading all of our awesome crap.

You're aware that we released two EPs already in 2012, right? No? What, haven't you been paying attention? It's ok, i get it; we're an old band, and no one cares about old bands that never got famous or whatever, so y'all are busy grooving to Washed Out or what the fuck ever. Well, turn that Top Gun soundtrack d-side nonsense off and throw your mp3 player out the window (or, just take the Washed Out mp3s off it if you're feeling practical instead of dramatic), because you should be paying attention to:

Songs From Sexy Results: Cedar Block's Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won

Six songs about particle physics, recorded for a killer night of science and art at Turner Hall in February, now available as a $5 download from our Bandcamp page:

Meanwhile, DUH, Latest Flame Records continues to pimp our most recent physical release, the Nada Surf +3 EP:

It's the EP that got us mentioned in an NPR interview with the band, Nada Surf, and that was snuck into the Barsuk Records warehouse to get this choice photo taken:

Sure, it's not headlining Coachella, but we take our victories where we can.

Also, we're gonna be playing some shows in March and April. March 30 at Quarters Rock 'N' Roll Palace with the mighty POLICE TEETH, STRANGE MATTER, and LIKE LIKE THE THE THE DEATH. And then Friday April 13th at the Riverwest Public House with NERVOUS CURTAINS, CATACOMBZ and HEAVY HAND.

These shows will hit you like a Mike Awesome chair shot to Masato Tanaka's god damn head.