PRFBBQ2015: Our first show since October 2012!

IfIHadAHiFi is excited to be playing this year's edition of the PRFBBQ, the best music fest you don't know about. From Wednesday to Sunday, June 17-21, 50+ bands will descend on Chicago for multiple days of food, music, art, and revelry. And lest you think it's just a bunch of supposedly "no-name" bands, well, we'll take the bands playing this festival over your Coachella bill any day. Buildings! The Rutabega! Maple Stave! Nonagon! Motherfucker! Heavy Hand! And sure, Beauty Pill & Stinking Lizaveta too!

You can check out the whole lineup on Electrical Audio's Forum, aka THE PRF, as well as get information on tickets and food & beverage donation. Let's have a party. But be aware--these can get a little crazy.

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