Fame By Proxy

September/October 2008 - Latest Flame Records LFR-22


  1. Defenestrate Me
  2. Paradise by the Paulding Light
  3. Your Head on a Ratings Spike
  4. Black Holes Resonate (in B-Flat), Baby MP3
  5. Get Killed, Get Noticed MP3
  6. Creative Lessons in Accounting
  7. Science Depends on Us
  8. You Can Dig a Thousand Holes, but it Takes a Body to Make a Grave
  9. Song for the Dead Millionaire
  10. Success! Success! Success!
  11. 99 Probalos

Recorded by Shane Olivo in Milwaukee, mixed by John Congleton (The Paper Chase) in Texas, and mastered at Silver Sonya in DC, the disc brings still more hooks, still more obtusely nerdy subject material (Black holes? The Paulding Light? Really guys?).

Hot Nuggets!

April 2006 - Crustacean Records crst57


  1. Spin Spider Spin (Takako Minekawa)
  2. That's Almost Premeditated! (HiFi original)
  3. Ay, Paisano! (Modern Machines)
  4. We Got the Beat (The Go-Gos)
  5. Sleep! (Big Black)
  6. That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Mission Of Burma)

The concept for what became Hot Nuggets first took root in August of 2005, after IfIHadAHiFi and the Modern Machines each played a live set at Madison's WORT radio station and then ripped it up later that night at the Slipper Club. Jake Shut from Crustacean Records hosted our radio performance and attended the show, approaching both bands with the intention of eventually releasing something by them. Nato from the Machines told him that we had been talking about a split 7" where we would each cover a song by the other band, as well as a separate cover song. Jake was into it, but before long we all got way too excited and expanded the idea to a full-length split-CD/picture disc LP where each band would contribute an original, one cover of the other band, and four other miscellaneous covers.

Later in the year (September, actually), Jake hung with the HiFi at the CMJ Music Marathon, where the HiFi decided it would be funny to scream "HOT NUGGETS!" at random strangers in Brooklyn. We're still not sure why. Regardless, DrAwk then text messaged Nato to say, "And the name of the split shall be Hot Nuggets!," and the rest was history.

Our portion of the record was mostly recorded at Master Blaster studios in Madison by echo-static's guitar wizard and Crustacean co-owner Todd Ostertag--he recorded "Spin Spider Spin" (Takako Minekawa), "That's Almost Premeditated!" (HiFi), "Ay, Paisano!" (Modern Machines), "Sleep!" (Big Black), and a cover of Killdozer's "The Buzzard" that will go on Crustacean's eventual Killdozer tribute CD. "We Got the Beat" (The Go-Gos) was recorded in April '05 by Danny Friedman at the Tannery in Milwaukee, and "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" (Mission of Burma) was recorded wayyyy back in the wayback by ustin Perkins in October 2003, while we were finishing up the recording for No More Music! How ya like that?

No More Music

March 2004 - No Karma con032


  1. (The Hifi Vs.) Potential Energy
  2. Chance-Medley
  3. Gotta Disappear MP3
  4. I'm in Love with a Girl that Steals
  5. Gongye
  6. You're No Pirate
  7. We Need This Noise to Live
  8. Watch You Disintegrate MP3
  9. Tussle and Loop to Speed
  10. Exit Interview
  11. Doubting Thomas Telescope
  12. No More Music
  13. Uptight (Everything's Alright) - bonus track

( No More Music reviews. )

For this, our second full-length release, we went back to our pal Justin Perkins, in whose basement we recorded Ones and Zeroes. This time, Justin was working up at Simple Studios in Green Bay and had a lot more toys for us to play with--more mics, more room, more digital tracks, and the results were far superior to the last CD. We actually started by recording 4 of the songs in 2002 (way back before we even left on our first West Coast tour!), and then followed that up by proceeding to slave over another crop of songs for the next year until finally, in July 2003, we had enough to put together a full-length again.

The timing ended up being rather fortuitous, because right around when we were finishing up No More Music, our old friends Michael (who put out our last record on No Karma) and Ben were starting a new label called Contraphonic, and very much wanted to put out our next release. We agreed, knowing it'd be a gas to work with them again, and the rest is history.

More hot-shit college airplay, more hot-shit reviews, and our most hot-shit tour to date (in other words, a tour in which we didn't lose money). Rockpile called it "already one of the year's best." Skyscraper called it "giddy." Splendid called it "amazing." Pitchfork didn't call it anything.

Ones and Zeroes

June 2001 - No Karma NOK-020


  1. The All Tied Up
  2. (This is) The New Science MP3
  3. The Secret to the Shimmy
  4. Loop 27
  5. AV Club Dance Party
  6. One Happy Pussycat
  7. Tunguska-Electro
  8. Outdoor Shitkicker '69
  9. Edison No Side
  10. The Sound of No America
  11. She's My Machine

( Ones And Zeroes reviews. )

This was recorded in the span of two months or so at the home of Justin Perkins of Yesterday's Kids. We did it on 16-track analong tape and mixed it down onto his computer. It was a good time, for nothing else than watching Justin emerge out of his "I don't really know these guys, and I've just recorded punk bands, so I'll just go with it" shell into coming up with more insane recording ideas than we had! We then delivered a CDR of the final mix to Michael at No Karma, and he wiked it soooo much dat he put out ower wekord. Awwww. 1000 CDs pressed and 2 8-track cassettes so far (the 8-tracks include bonus "stuff." Whooo!). Released June 19, 2001.


CDRGMBK (2001)

Penny Compilation (2001)
"(This Is) The New Science" (demo)
"Edison No Side" (demo)

Make Way for No Karma (2001)
"Murder Is For Me"

Auscultation (2002)
"Sign O' The Times" (Prince cover)

Shake Them Haters Off (2002)
"The Secret To The Shimmy"

My Malady (2003)
"You're No Pirate"

Starting Line-Up (2003)
"Watch You Disintegrate"

Workman's Comp (2003)
"Watch You Disintegrate"

Contraphonic: Lookin' Good, Soundin' Good (2004)
"(The HiFi vs.) Potential Energy"
"Coughing Up Static"

Smart Pop: Kill The Scene (2004)
"Chance Medley"

Weird Science Fair #1 (2005)
"Black Holes Resonate (In B-Flat), Baby" (demo)

Weird Science Fair #2 (2005)
"Paradise By The Paulding Light" (demo)

We Will Bury You: A Tribute To Killdozer (2006)
"The Buzzard" (Killdozer cover... of course)


We Will Not Be Responsible For Any Damage to Plastic Bowling Balls. This Includes Scratches, Nicks, Gouges, Etc. Use Them at Your Own Risk (2000)
1. "(This is) The New Science"
2. "Mars Invades Puerto Rico"
3. "Your Hip Hop Chief of State"
4. "Edison No Side"
5. "The Sound of No America"
6. "She's My Machine"
7. "The All Tied Up"
8. "(This is) The New Science"
9. "Murder is for Me"
10. "Edison No Side"
11. "The Sound of No America"

The Fake Jan EP (2001)
1. "Murder Is For Me" (rough mix)
2. "Sign O' The Times" (Prince cover)
3. "HM"
4. WRST Interview

Tour Only CDs:

The Miseducation of Paris Hilton (2007)
1. "Paradise By The Paulding Light" (demo)
2. "99 Probalos" (demo)

I Heard You Guys Were Loud: Live at WMSE 02.07.06 (2007)
1. "That's Almost Premeditated!"
2. "Your Head On A Ratings Spike"
3. "Song For The Dead Millionaire"
4. "The Buzzard"
5. "Locusts!"
6. "Success! Success! Success!"