New IfIHadAHiFi site in the works! Eventually all the old links will be up and active, but it'll look a little something like this. Lots more content to come once we finish our mini tour that runs from Thursday, May 31st through Monday, June 4th.

We're currently playing out material that's going to be on the new album we're recording with John Congleton of The Paper Chase in July.

- Thu 5/31/07 - Madison WI @ The Inferno 21+
w/ Brainerd
- Sat 6/2/07 - Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen 21+
1st ever Superstarcastival! w/ The Lusties, Das Kapital, Pool Of Frogs, The Red Tie Affair
- Sun 6/3/07 - Lansing MI @ Mac's Bar 21+
w/Coco Coca, Sam Vicarii
- Day 6/4/07 - Bloomington IN @ Uncle Fester's 21+
w/Sump Pumps