"Paulding Light" on WOXY!

We HiFi dudes have been fans of WOXY, the Future of Rock 'n' Roll, for years upon years. I personally discovered WOXY with my college roommate Kory as we drove to Hamilton, OH for a friend's wedding reception in 1995. We listened for hours as they played Lou Reed, Morphine, and Girls Against Boys, and we thought to ourselves, "what the hell? This is a commerical station?" Instantly, we were in love.

So imagine how excited we were to find out today that WOXY played "Paradise By the Paulding Light" off Fame By Proxy as part of its "New Tunes Tuesday!" Go to the WOXY website and email them a request to play it again, won't you?

And hey, WOXY--thank you! We thought you were the best station in the country before this; you've just cemented that spot in our hearts (very closely followed by CD101 in Columbus, who have been playing us since 2004. We love you Tom Butler!).