IfIHadAHiFi West Coast Tour in August!

Hey fools,

We're planning our huge annual two-week trek, and we're finally heading out to visit our pals out west! If you can help with any of the shows in bold, please let us know! The ones not in bold are being worked and we feel pretty good about 'em, but we'll likely need help in the emboldened areas. And right now there are a few. Hook us up!

F 8/21 Madison, WI
S 8/22 Minneapolis, MN
Su 8/23 Minot/Bismarck, ND
M 8/24 DRIVE DAY or Billings, MT
Tu 8/25 Missoula. MT

W 8/26 Seattle, WA
Th 8/27 Bellingham, WA
F 8/28 Portland, OR
S 8/29 Oakland, CA
Su 8/30 San Francisco, CA or Day Off in Bay Area
Tu 9/1 Denver, CO
W 9/2 Lawrence/Wichita, KS
Th 9/3 Kansas City, MO

F 9/4 St. Louis, MO
S 9/5 Somewhere in IA