Holy shit, we leave in just a little under TWO WEEKS. Starting on August 21, here's where we'll be for 16 days:

8.21.09 Madison, WI: Willy St. Pub (The Wisco) w/Self-Evident, The Suit
8.22.09 Minneapolis, MN: Sauce w/Self-Evident, Speed's the Name
8.23.09 Bismarck, ND: Project Noise
8.24.09 DRIVE DAY
8.25.09 Missoula, MT: The Badlander w/Arrested Adolescence
8.26.09 Bellingham, WA: The Old Foundry
8.27.09 Seattle, WA: The Funhouse w/Police Teeth, The Bismarck
8.28.09 Portland, OR: The Know w/Rapids
8.29.09 San Francisco, CA: Hemlock Tavern w/Mount Vicious (CD RELEASE), Pegataur
8.30.09 San Francisco, CA: Second SF show TBD
9.01.09 Denver, CO: Curtis Street Tavern
9.02.09 Wichita, KS: Kirby’s Beer Store
9.03.09 Warrensburg, MO: Bottomfeeder Bay w/Them Damned Young Livers
9.04.09 St. Louis, MO: Lemp Arts Center w/The Conformists
9.05.09 Des Moines, IA: The Haunted Basement w/Beati Paoli, Wolves in the Attic

That's not a bad itinerary, if i do say so myself.

HEY! PRESS PEOPLE! You can contact us at hifi@ifihadahifi.net if you want to have a chat with us before we hit your town. Let's rap, cheese.