Upcoming Business

Gang, we're home and we have some regional shows lined up through the end of October, at which time we're going to take a quick break to hammer out some new songs that we need for an upcoming project in February. In the meantime, catch us LIVE at the following shows:

Sept. 17: Racine, WI @ Mosquito Inn w/Stock Options and Fresh Bison
Sept. 23: Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/Haymarket Riot and Like Like The The The Death
Sept. 24: Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club w/Haymarket Riot and LLTTTD
Oct. 1: Chicago, IL, the PRFBBQ Auktoberfyst @ Klas Restaurant w/Sinking Suns, Begin By Gathering Supplies, Cougars, Call Me Lightning, and so much more!
Oct. 15: Dubuque, IA at TBD w/TBD (this should be hammered out soon, but rest assured, it's happening!)
Oct. 21: Madison, WI @ The Sett, UW-Madison w/Northless
Oct. 22: Hanging out in Madison to see Obits but not play with Obits, which is ok because holy shit goddamn fucking OBITS