11.24.09 was the best night ever.

This Thanksgiving, IfIHadAHiFi were thankful for everyone who made Tuesday night's Turner Hall show with The Jesus Lizard one of the best nights of our musical "career" (such as it has been). To Marc at Turner, to TJL's management, to our friends from Bloomington, IN, who made the drive up, and to everyone who came out to support us and cheer us on...THANK YOU. Shit was crazy.

IfIHadAHiFi are now taking a break from playing shows to get an entirely new set written. We'll also be recording a to-be-named new EP beginning on Dec. 5 with our buddy Thom Geibel of White Wrench Conservatory and Innocent Civilians fame. So rest assured, if you're not seeing our name out there playing shows for a while, that we're still damn busy. I'll update here when i can remember to.

Until then, cross your fingers, knock on wood, and wish Latest Flame Records luck as they try to secure a showcase at South By Southwest for all of us on the LFR roster! Not holding our breath, but you never know...