People, i don't feel shy about pointing out that we're on a bit of a tear. First off, thanks to everyone who came out and saw us play two shows with our friends Poster Children last month; we had a blast at both Cactus Club and Bottom Lounge. We also were very excited to get our hands on this amazing little nugget from Mr. Jay Ryan:

Dude still has some on sale at his website, The Bird Machine, so pick one up!

Anyway, that's not why i'm posting today. Peeps need to be made aware that our next BIG show is on Tuesday, Nov. 24, at historic Turner Hall in Milwaukee. Oh, and some "famous" band is closing the show, i guess. They're called...The Jesus Lizard?

These guys are gonna be on tour, so it'd be cool if you showed up to make sure they have gas money to make it all the way to Chicago that weekend. Tickets are still on sale at the Turner Hall website. Grab 'em now!

Meanwhile, we've hit a hot streak of songwriting, and we're going to FINALLY start recording our planned 5-song vinyl-and-flash-drive-formats-only EP with Mr. Thom Geibel, formerly of our friends White Wrench Conservatory and currently the main dude behind Innocent Civilians. We're gonna get that started in December and hopefully get that business released by Latest Flame Records sometime in the next year. Knock on wood!